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The softest make-up sponge ever 💗 for a Blend&Go effect

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  • MokiPoki

    When I bought one of the first make-up sponges in New York and tried it on, I immediately thought it was a breakthrough product!

    I would have never imagined that one day I would create my own make-up sponge!
    Let me introduce you to MOKIPOKI, the first beauty accessory by CLIOMAKEUP.

    Super-resistant, but tender-hearted, MOKIPOKI sponge is at your service to make
    every make-up base impeccable with a few simple gestures!
    I wanted to start right from here, from what, in my opinion, is the most useful
    accessory that delivers the best application of both fluid and powder products for a
    blend&go effect.

    The simplicity of its drop shape makes this sponge easy to handle, ensuring a spot-
    free and streak-free finish.
    MOKIPOKI is latex-free, soft and gentle on the skin.

    You already know that I love using it wet (well squeezed) to obtain the maximum
    sensorial experience and performance.
    Always be kind to it: like all make-up sponges, MOKIPOKI must be cleaned with mild
    soap and water. If wet, let it air and light dry before storing it in the trousse or drawer.

    Another tip...keep it out of reach of kittens (they love it more than we do!)


    How to use

    • You can use it both dry and wet. For maximum comfort and performance, I
      recommend wetting MOKIPOKI completely and squeezing it with a cloth or
    • The rounded side is perfect for applying and blending products for the face
      base, both liquid and powder.
    • The tip is practical for precision touch-ups and concealer application around
      the eyes.



  • Material: PU LATEX FREE

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